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Laser engraved/personalized, Hand-Painted, Epoxy/Resin Wave Cheese Board.

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16x10" / 40x25 cm

3d wave effect is achieved by adding multiple layers of epoxy resin.
High-quality oak+ash wood is burned by hand in the Shou-Sugi-Ban technique.

This item can be cut on, not suggested to be safe. Best for pre-cut cheese, meat, bread, breakfast trays, etc. This item is food safe.

Each board is hand-painted, making each piece a work of art that is unique.


1) Select the desired font (Style)
You can find samples of the fonts from the third image of the listing.

2) Select engraving text arrangement (5th image of the listing)

3) Add personalization:
Write NAME(S) you would like to have engraved, No sentences, we cannot complete those orders and will contact you.
If the date is not required just don't add it in the personalization, but it's optional.

The information will be copied and pasted into the design, therefore please double check before entering it.

Each board is unique so the wood grain is always different.
Because it is a personalized item, returns are not accepted except:
he item arrives damaged or there was a mistake with the personalization.

Take special care of your wooden board with resin art.
Display in an area that is not in direct sunlight to prevent yellowing or fading of the resin.

Remember that taking care of your wooden boards will increase their life expectancy and is also an essential part of food hygiene.

Do not store your board near a heat source (battery, stove). Hardwood is contraindicated to high temperatures.

Keep the board dry until you use it. Without moisture, bacteria die in a few hours.
Any liquid should not be present on the surface of the board for a long time.


Never leave the board in the sink with water and do not wash it in the dishwasher!

After use, wash the board with a dish soak, no abrasive rags or liquids, and dry it completely on all sides before storing it.

Periodically, at least once a month, treat your board with any oil (e.g. olive.) Use a soft cloth or tissue to rub the oil on all sides, avoiding the area covered with epoxy resin. Leave it overnight, then dab the excess oil with a napkin and continue to enjoy your board:)

The surface with resin art can be cleaned with glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, using a SOFT rag.